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VRYWVY/ Val Garcia is a soundscape artist from Dallas, tx. Born in Mexico City and raised in the Dallas area, vrywvy has always been heavily music inclined. Growing up in a house where music was always playing she explored her passion. Saving paychecks to purchase her own equipment and spending lunch in highschool watching djing youtube tutorials is what began to fuel her passion.  From starting off curating playlists, to getting her first dj controller in 2014, she was able to later practice the art of djing to create something of her own. The method of aligning songs and blending them seamlessly to create a certain vibe is what indulged her in her craft.

Blending the soundscapes of time and enhancing the moments in which we experience music, Vrywvy masters her craft in an avenue carved out in a refreshing consistently updated format. Through various platforms, she curates her atmosphere to reflect progressive selective music settings, working with brands like Under Armor, Netflix, & Pharrell Williams’s Creative Collective iamOTHER, she is able to story-tell to a diverse audience around the world. She is a creative in all respects, she is.. something new.

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