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Growing up in a house where music was always playing, Vrywvy dove into her love for music by curating playlists. After getting her first DJ controller in 2014, she began curating mixes and uploading them to Soundcloud where she accumulated over 1 Million streams.


Vrywvy’s “DJ Practice” sessions gained over 300k supporters on Tik Tok with her sounds used over 2 million times. Blending Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, R&B, House, and everything in between, Vrywvy showcases her vast music taste through Tik Toks platform making her an official Tik Tok Latinx Creative.


While consistently gaining her online presence, Vrywvy translated that into a sold-out summer tour headling her solo show “VryLatin: A Latin Music Experience” at some of Texas' most notable music venues, and a nationwide tour in 2022.


Vrywvy - a 26-year-old Mexican Immigrant continues to master her craft by partnering with brands like Netflix, Genius, Vh1, RedBull, YouTube, Soundcloud, Microsoft, Bacardi, Tik Tok, Sony Music, Serato, Under Armor, Mailchimp, Vans, Pharrell Williams collective I Am Other, and counting. 





TOUR 2024


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